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Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions regulate the relationship between Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority  (the owner of the service, here after referred to as the “SLTDA”) and the subscribing license holder (here after referred to as the “User”)

  • The User agrees to act so that the Online Tourism Business Licensing Services are not used in contravention of the terms & conditions of this agreement or applicable law.

  • The User agrees not to reveal usernames and passwords to unauthorized persons and not to store documents containing information with username and password in such a way that unauthorized persons can access them.

  • The User agrees to contact the SLTDA if it is suspected that unauthorized persons have gained knowledge of The User’s username and password.

  • Material that has been sent to the Online Tourism Business Licensing Services will be stored within the system.

  • The user shall act in good faith and exercise all diligence in maintaining the confidentiality and security of his/her login ID and password.

  • If the user notices or suspects that his/her login ID and / or password(s) have been lost, stolen or are being used by an unauthorized party, the user shall immediately change the passwords, and notify the SLTDA.

  • The user may change his/her assigned password(s) at any time either via the online service or by submitting a request for password reset Form to the SLTDA.

  • Convenience fee of 2.5% per transaction will charged from the User (i.e. if the transaction fee is Rs.10,000, an additional fee of Rs.250 should be paid as the convenience fee). Sri Lanka Tourism Development (SLTDA) reserves the right to change the fees as per government direction.

  • Refund that will be made due to service not delivered/cancelled, will be made to original credit/debit card or device.

  • All payment related information will be collect and kept with the relevant banks while the rest of the user information that had been collected here is the use of Lanka Gate

  • All fee in equated are in Sri Lankan Rupees.

  • If the information in the “Authorized Contact Details” of this form changes, the tourism business agrees to inform SLTDA in written as early as possible.


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